The Dallas Cowboys' offseason has been all about identifying the long-term pieces of their core and figuring out whether they want to pay them big money, and if so, how much. First up was Demarcus Lawrence, who signed a five-year, $105 million deal. The Cowboys haven't done any big-money deals since, but it's been said ad nauseam that the next two guys up are Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper. 

Prescott's situation is perhaps more pressing. He's a fourth-round pick heading into the final season of his rookie contract, and, well, he's a quarterback. Cooper is about to play on the fifth-year option season of his own rookie deal, and while the Cowboys traded a first-round pick to get him, he's still a wide receiver and thus a de facto less important player to the team's future than Prescott. 

Cooper himself seemed to acknowledge that when discussing his and Prescott's respective contract situations during an appearance on ESPN. Asked directly whether he should be the highest-paid receiver in football, Cooper had an interesting answer.