Take this rumor with a grain of salt. Actually, take it with a spoonful of sugar. Alshon Jeffery is reportedly in the mix on a potential Eagles trade to land Jadeveon Clowney.

The source for this latest rumor is not a very familiar outlet, something called Pro Football Network. They have less than 5,000 followers on Twitter. But they posted a message saying “Keep an eye on guys like Kenny Stills and Alshon Jeffery.” A potential Jeffery for Clowney might not be as outrageous as it sounds.

The Eagles have $20 million in salary-cap space, according to OvertheCap, and Clowney is due about $16 million on his franchise tender tag. If the Eagles wanted to keep Clowney longterm — instead of as an expensive one-year rental player – then they need to clear space. Jeffery has a $15 million cap hit. So, yes, this strange swap is suddenly not so mind-blowing. It’s still an extreme longshot to happen.