The 49ers' moment in the national spotlight passed earlier this month, but a pair of former teammates are bringing it back this NBA All-Star weekend in Houston. James Harden and Kevin Durant are proud members of the 49ers Faithful. Durant, the NBA's scoring leader the past three seasons, admits he is largely a fan due to his lasting friendship with 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman. The two first met at the tender age of eight in Maryland. "We played on the same middle school basketball team," Durant said, "and, surprisingly, he was the best player on the team. I was kinda like his sidekick. I really thought he was going to the NBA, but he didn't grow." Durant did, but the 6-foot-9 NBA star is still confident in his 6-foot friend. Could Bowman hold his own at All-Star weekend? "Of course," Durant answered. "He still got his skills. He still plays in the summer times when he goes home."