Joe Johnson isn't playing in the All-Star game tomorrow because of his balky left knee. That doesn't mean he gets to skip the assorted weekend appearances and obligations that come along with being an All-Star. I caught up with Joe today before the Eastern Conference practice. Q. They've got you doing all this hoopla even though you aren't playing? A. Aw, man. Q. You are just trying to rest, right? A. That's it. Just trying to get this knee right. Q. How is it feeling? A. It feels great. I don't have no pain in it right now, actually. I've been getting a lot of stim [electrical stimulation] and ice. Just trying to get ready for this second half. Q. Do you think the rest will help the knee? A. Definitely. It's the first time all season I will get a chance to have, what, four or five days off? Can't beat that. [Note: He actually will get at least eight days off without a game.]