For the first time since it was announced that All-Star center Andrew Bynum needed three weeks away from basketball-related activities, head coach Doug Collins allowed himself to plan in case the big man can't go in the opener on Oct. 31. If Bynum is unable to play, Collins said he will start Lavoy Allen and Thad Young in the Sixers' frontcourt. Spencer Hawes, who was initially viewed as the team's starting power forward, will come off the bench. "If Andrew can't go to start the year -- and I don't know if he can or not -- then we'll probably start Thad and Lavoy and come off the bench with Spencer," Collins said. "Simply because I think Thad and Lavoy play well together and Thad needs a bigger body to play with him." Including the playoffs, Allen started 16 games for Collins last season, though they mostly came when Hawes was injured. Young, on the other hand, has been one of the NBA's top sixth men for the past couple of seasons, and had a knack for providing a lot of energy when he checked into a game. Still, Young has not hidden the fact that he would prefer to be in the starting five as opposed to coming off the bench. "That would be great," Young said about the prospect of starting. "It's definitely showing that hard work is paying off. I've been basically working my butt off each and every summer to come back and try my best to be a starter and go out there and just play. If I'm not a starter, I'm going to continue to play the role that I've been playing for the team and do what I've been doing."