Just imagine what Ray Allen could do with two good knees. In the wake of Friday night's twin-dunk performance in the Miami Heat's blowout victory over the Sacramento Kings at AmericanAirlines Arena, Allen revealed that the "general soreness" offered as the reason for his absence from the team's shootaround earlier in the day actually was tendinitis that has been plaguing his right knee for a week. "It kind of persisted, and as the game went on, maybe those first two minutes, it got a little worse and then I just played with it," he said after scoring 18 points, one shy of his season high. "It's just something that I'm going to have to monitor in my right knee, just a little bit of tendinitis. "I've had it before, so you just manage it and just try to be efficient with your body and how I move and things I do in my off days." He moved well enough to not only record his first dunk of the season but also produce his first game with multiple dunks since Feb. 10, 2011, while playing for the Boston Celtics against the Los Angeles Lakers. With so much respect for his outside shot, the lane essentially parted for both of Allen's dunks. "I was surprised," he said, "and like, 'Hey, I'm going to take off and see how this goes.' " What should not surprise anyone familiar with the 38-year-old guard's work ethic is that even with his perimeter-based game he nonetheless practices his dunks. "Like anything else, I practice it. Just when you go through my off days, you just work on explosiveness with my legs and when those opportunities come, you just find them," he said. Coach Erik Spoelstra vouched for Allen. "He dunks in practice," he said. "He does that when he has openings. It was good to see, because I didn't know whether or not to be concerned or not from his soreness from the last couple of days. But the rest obviously helped him." Battier shoots Just as pleasing to Spoelstra was forward Shane Battier launching seven 3-pointers Friday, the attempts as welcomed as the three conversions. Prior to the rout of the Kings, Battier had attempted two shots in the previous three games, neither a 3-pointer. Friday's three 3-point conversions were his high since draining four in the Oct. 29 season opener against the Chicago Bulls, with the seven 3-point attempts the most since he also took seven during the second game of the season, Oct. 30 against the Philadelphia 76ers.