What was expected is now known. Raiders quarterback Matt McGloin will start on Sunday against the Tennessee Titans. Head coach Dennis Allen made a formal announcement after Wednesday’s practice, confirming that the undrafted rookie earned another start after leading the Raiders to victory Sunday over the Houston Texans. Keyword: earned. McGloin’s start wasn’t given because Terrelle Pryor was hurt. Pryor is nursing a Grade 2 sprain of his right MCL, but he practiced Wednesday in a limited role and could be available in a backup role. This was about a player who demanded consideration by helping the Raiders score a season-high 28 points with 197 passing yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions of his own. He earned the start with numbers and excellent game management. If McGloin plays like he did last week, the quarterback change will become permanent. “This is a production business,” Allen said. “One of the things we’ve tried to create here is an atmosphere of competition. If you go out and you perform and you make plays, you get opportunities to continue to go out and perform and make plays. Matt did that last week. He’s going to get another opportunity this week. We’ll see how it goes.” Although Allen didn’t communicate his decision explicitly, McGloin expected to start. He felt he earned another shot based on merit, and wasn’t surprised when he got one. “I think coach is doing the right thing sticking with what we had and seeing what happens,” McGloin said. “…As long as I play well I’d hope I get more and more opportunities to start. But the main thing being there is playing well. We know what it takes. Last week obviously we did a great job. Hopefully we can continue that.”