The Green Bay Packers trade of Davante Adams was inevitable. After the team placed the franchise tag on him, Adams stated that he would, under no circumstances, play under the tag. Furthermore, he turned down a contract worth more than what he ended up signing with the Las Vegas Raiders.

After Adams’ departure, the Packers signed Sammy Watkins and drafted three wide receivers in the 2022 NFL Draft. With the absence of their two-time All-Pro wide receiver, the Packers are left with their three rookies, Watkins, Amari Rodgers, Randall Cobb, and Allen Lazard. Of all of these options, it is Lazard who will emerge as the Packers’ top wide receiver in 2022. This claim is not made out of misplaced confidence. There are plenty of stats that back up this prediction.


Fantasy football numbers can be incredibly revealing

Fantasy football has become a great way for casual fans to learn more about players outside of their own team’s roster. Of course, the biggest names put up the biggest numbers and receive more coverage. Davante Adams, of course, was a top fantasy target in nearly every league and remains the Las Vegas Raiders’ top projected fantasy player.

Of course, Adams spent the first eight seasons of his career in Green Bay. In four of those seasons, he was teammates with Allen Lazard, who was considered the Packers’ number two receiver for much of that time. Understanding this, there were exactly four games in which Lazard played and Adams sat out. The fantasy numbers in these games are incredibly telling.