Giancarlo Stanton, a narrow winner Thursday of the National League Most Valuable Player award over Cincinnati’s Joey Votto, is in the midst of a 13-year, $325 million contract with the Miami Marlins, with $295 million and 10 years of it remaining. He has a no-trade clause but he seems eminently interested in waiving it as the Cardinals and a small number of other clubs are seeking to trade for him. On the Major League Baseball television network, Stanton allowed that his immediate future “seems pretty open right now. It just depends on which way we want to go. I think our lineup can match up with just about anyone. We need a couple of pieces on the pitching side. We’ll have to see.” But, in brief conference call after his victory, Stanton, responding to a question from the Post-Dispatch, gave little indication he would be staying in Miami, even if the pitching was addressed. “It needs to be thoroughly addressed, not just somewhat addressed,” he said. “It needs to be a huge push now and a definite contending-addressed matter.” That is to say that Stanton, who led the league with 59 homers and 132 runs batted in, wants to play for a contender, which the Marlins aren't, even with him. But did he really think the new Miami ownership, plotting to cut deeply into payroll, would make any significant pitching moves that would satisfy him?. “I’m not entirely sure, to be honest,” he said. “But I know all teams have plenty of money.” Some more than others, of course. “Yes, that’s true,” he said. “But plenty, nonetheless.” Although Marlins president of baseball operations Michael Hill has talked to Stanton recently, it is unclear to what extent they might have discussed any potential trade. Stanton, asked if he had given the club any direction of where he might want to go, said, “It’s an interesting feeling and situation for me. This is the only place I’ve known but I also understand the business part of it. The direction of new ownership (featuring former New York Yankees star Derek Jeter) wants to go. . . they’re feeling it out. We’re going to try to figure out a plan here.” With his representatives nearby, Stanton wouldn’t say whether he had mentioned any specific teams or whether the Marlins had informed him of any potential deals.