Daniel Alfredsson's decision to continue his NHL career into an 18th season — beyond the Ottawa Senators' disappointing loss to the Penguins on Friday night in the Eastern Conference semifinals — won't be his alone. Hugo, Loui, Fenix and William Erik — his children aged 10 through 2 — will have something to say about it. His wife, Birgitta, will have an opinion, too. Then there is Senators general manager Bryan Murray, who will meet with the 40-year-old captain in the next few days. Coach Paul MacLean, however, was the only member of the Senators organization to weigh in definitively after the 6-2 loss to the Penguins. Asked about the possible returns of unrestricted free agents Alfredsson and 39-year-old defenseman Sergei Gonchar, MacLean said, “My expectation is they will be back until they tell me they are not going to be.” For Alfredsson, however, it's not that easy. He said he really doesn't know what he will do. Even if the decision was only his, he is unsure.