You already love Alfred Morris for the 1,613 yards as a rookie. And for the still-drives-a-Mazda story. And the still-sleeps-on-the-couch-when-at-his-parents’-house story. Doug Farrar of Yahoo’s Shutdown Corner caught up with Morris while the running back was doing promotional work for DirecTV, and instead of stale cliches, Morris again reminded us why he’s nearly impossible to dislike. On the advice he’d give to rookies: “Don’t go in with a chip on your shoulder — at least, I couldn’t have done it that way,” he said. “Don’t go in looking to prove anything. You just be who you’ve been since Day 1, and you’ll catch their eye. Hard work pays off. You stay focused, you stay positive, and don’t get down just because things didn’t go the way you expected them to go. It’s gonna be a grind, and when you get that opportunity, you make the most of it.” And in case you thought he was satisfied with going over 1,600 yards in his first year, Morris said this: “I left a lot of yards on the field last year. Looking back on film, a lot of it was my aiming points in certain runs, or I was too tight and I couldn’t get outside. Being more patient with my cutbacks — I tended to cut back too soon. I was blessed, and I definitely don’t take it for granted. Last year’s behind me — I’m beyond that.” There’s a lot more to the post — Morris talks about his early impressions of Robert Griffin III, when Mike Shanahan handed him the reins and of course, the Mazda. For a guy who doesn’t go out of his way to keep himself in the spotlight, he sure knows how to seize it when it shines on him.