Do ya think he's sexy? Daniel Alfredsson will have one less thing to do to get ready for the all-star weekend when he gets home. He checked "hair cut" off his list Saturday. "Somewhere around Rodeo Drive," said the Senators captain. "We had lunch, then I did a radio interview, I walked a couple of blocks away just to get some peace, and I saw a hair salon, so I just went there. "The guy said he cut Rod Stewart's hair," added Alfredsson, referring to the British rocker famous for such classics as Maggie May, Hot Legs, Tonight's The Night and Do Ya Think I'm Sexy. "I thought, hmm, he's got good hair. So why not?" The topic of Alfredsson's hair came up when he was asked, in the wake of freak accidents that have injured helmet-less players during the pre-game warmup this season, if he and other Senators have talked about donning headgear for the skate around. Alfredsson's not in favour.