The 2020 NHL draft lottery was pure chaos.

It wasn't just that the lowly Detroit Red Wings and Ottawa Senators lost out on the No. 1 pick. Everyone must cope with the fact that "Team E" -- a squad that plays in the NHL's 24-team postseason -- gets the chance to draft No. 1 prospect Alexis Lafreniere. The eight losers in the qualifying round each get a 12.5% chance at the winger. (If you want to know why Lafreniere is widely projected as the top pick, just consider this: Only two players in Canadian Hockey League history have won the Player of the Year Award twice. One is Sidney Crosby. The other is Lafreniere.)

Since this is a most unconventional year, we broke down the first-pick landscape, assessing potential landing spots for Lafreniere by which team is the best fit for him, which club needs the pick the most and, of course, which selection would elicit the biggest collective eye roll around the league. We graded each category for all 16 teams on a scale of 1-10.

Arizona Coyotes

Fit: 7. Rick Tocchet is known as a terrific players' coach. He knows how to reach guys and put them in the best position to succeed. For Lafreniere, that might mean playing on a line with Nick Schmaltz and Phil Kessel as a rookie. That's not a bad spot at all, either, as Schmaltz is one of the league's most underrated playmakers.

Necessity: 8. Kessel hasn't produced offensively as we expected him to in Arizona (yet), and we don't even know if Taylor Hall will stay past this season. This is a team with serious scoring issues. The Coyotes have tried to address it via trade the past few seasons, but perhaps the only true fix is a shot at drafting a generational talent.

Eye roll: 6. The only reason this is getting an eye roll at all is that Hall is on the roster. If the Coyotes win the No. 1 pick, we actually might need to investigate what hex Hall has over the draft lottery. It's truly a historic run.