In 2019, Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield had the wrong coaching staff. In 2020, he had the right one.

Mayfield consistently improved throughout the 2020 season, fulfilling his potential as a franchise quarterback while flourishing under first-year head coach Kevin Stefanski. Mayfield seems to be ready to build on last year’s progress.

“He was impressive,” offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt told reporters this week regarding Mayfield’s performance in minicamp. “There are a lot of areas and a lot of pass concepts that we wanted work on in this minicamp that maybe he did not completely own last year and wanted improvement in these plays. He has shown that. A lot of that is just working through progression and knowing where to go next if one and two are covered, and he got that accomplished in this camp. We are very happy with where he is right now.”

Van Pelt also was asked whether Mayfield has a noticeable confidence level.

“Definitely,” Van Pelt said. “In the last seven or eight games last year, he really played really well. I think he now feels that. He understands what that looks like and how he has to operate within the system to be successful. Now that he realizes that, you see it more in practice.”

Operating the system is the key. Working through the progression is the key. And that’s why concerns linger regarding the return of receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Beckham’s talent is undeniable.