As conveyed by, ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported on Wednesday that there isn't much of a trade market at the moment for San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith, and that the ninth-year veteran is not generating a lot of "buzz" among quarterback-needy teams investigating solutions to their biggest problem. The Buffalo Bills are thought to be a team interested in landing Smith as a short-term starter this off-season, but they'd obviously be included in Mortensen's report as one of those quarterback-needy teams largely ignoring Smith at the moment. The take-away here, however, isn't that the Bills (and other teams) aren't interested; it's probably just that they aren't interested in a trade. Smith is under contract for a $7.5 million base salary in 2012 - $1 million of which is guaranteed - and is also scheduled for a $1 million roster bonus at the beginning of the new league year, plus a $250,000 workout bonus. Any team trading for Smith would take on that contract, plus be giving up a pick (or picks) to do so. Nobody ever expected Smith's trade market to be big, so we're right on schedule.