The Kansas City Chiefs have brand new personnel at nearly every position on the roster after a complete turnover of the team's leadership. That brings hope alongside a talent influx, especially at quarterback. However it also means a lack of chemistry that the team must make up for as quickly as possible. Perhaps that's why several Chiefs are committed to staying in contact even after the team's minicamp ended. Fox Sports' Sean Keeler wrote a recent profile of several positions that vowed to stay in touch -- whether it was the linebackers, the secondary or even the team's quarterback and top receiver in Alex Smith and Dwayne Bowe. It's that last pair that really make the most important difference given the Chiefs' lack of any reliable receiving option outside of Bowe. Keeler writes: Quarterback Alex Smith and go-to wideout Dwayne Bowe have promised to get together during this interim, which has all the makings of a Larry David sketch when you consider that Smith is apparently based in California and Bowe reportedly still lives in Miami. Maybe they'll split the difference and chuck it around Dallas. While Keeler jokes about the idea given the homes of the players involved, the point itself is an important one. If Bowe and Smith are committed to working on their chemistry on their own free time, it might be the most important pairing on the team. Given the league-worst state of the Chiefs offense last season, there's a reason the team invested as heavily as it did in the position, especially to make sure they overhauled the depth chart at quarterback. But acquiring those players is only one facet. They must learn Andy Reid's system and execute it well enough to turn things around. The running game anchored by Jamaal Charles is a foundational piece for the Chiefs, but the Chiefs have only one real receiving option in Bowe that must become a favorite target for Smith early and often in the season.