Alex Rodriguez has become the tipsy buddy from work who is still hanging around your living room unaware that the party is over and the other guests have returned home. He is the candidate for office who won’t concede the election even though most of the votes have been tabulated and he’s trailing 60-40. He is a man who claims to love baseball. And while that’s undoubtedly true on some levels it rings hollow on so many others. Such as this one: By appealing the 211-game suspension that has been levied by Major League Baseball Rodriguez gets to keep playing — probably until September when a weary arbitrator will have sifted through the last of the evidence and rendered a decision. And then one assumes Rodriguez will begin serving a suspension that will run through the 2014 season. But an appeal means he suits up for a while longer. Talk about Dead Man Walking ... And speaking of prison is it possible that Alex Rodriguez is baseball’s version of the condemned man who gets to eat a hearty meal? For if one assumes that A-Rod’s appeal will fall as flat as his batting average in last year’s American League Championship Series — that would be .111 in the event you don’t have the time to cruise over to — then it’s quite possible that his brief return to the big leagues will be the onetime slugger’s ... last meal. And what a clunky awkward Farewell Tour it would be. This wouldn’t be Carl Yastrzemski or Cal Ripken Jr. or Henry Aaron being saluted and feted in one baseball port after the next; it would be a sorry media spectacle played out anywhere the Yankees’ schedule happens to take them. It would be great for attendance but at a cost to Major League Baseball: Packed houses booing a disgraced fading star isn’t exactly the kind of marketing campaign that’s going to appeal to a younger demo.