Alex Rodriguez is taking his rehab to South Beach. Two days after being photographed at an upper West Side restaurant, A-Rod was spotted by an eyewitness Friday at a swanky condo in the South Beach area of Miami. Dressed neatly in a short-sleeve black shirt, black pants and white sneakers, Rodriguez was walking by himself through the pool area at The Continuum at about 4:30 p.m., on his way to the outdoor restaurant, where he was later seen in the lounge area with an unidentified man and a blond woman believed to be A-Rod’s gal pal, Torrie Wilson. A vacationer tried to snap a photo of A-Rod as he walked by, but the Yankee politely asked him to refrain from doing so. Rodriguez asked the man if he had taken a photo and requested that he delete it from his cell phone, saying he was “just trying to relax.” According to condo employees, A-Rod often uses the workout facilities, although he is not believed to own a unit at the massive 40-story complex. Other athletes, including Peyton Manning — who was seen unwinding there with his family Friday — are residents at the 11-year-old property. A-Rod has not been heard from personally since he was connected to Biogenesis, a Miami-based anti-aging clinic being investigated by Major League Baseball for its involvement with performance-enhancing drugs.