Where do you want to start? Wednesday?

On Wednesday, Alex Rodriguez and his fiancée, Jennifer Lopez, were photographed defying a Florida stay-at-home order to work out in a closed gym that appeared open to only them.

The sign on the gym read that it was closed. Their limo driver disinfected the car’s entrance handles. Some are excessively self-entitled.

How about Monday? Monday, on WFAN, ex-big leaguer Paul Lo Duca made news and noise by saying what those who covered Rodriguez long ago knew, but many were reluctant to report as per his ill-earned superstar status:

“People know, I’m not a fan and I’m sorry: I just think he’s one of the fakest people out there. The way he’s put on a pedestal, now, is beyond me.”

Or we could start on Oct. 13, 2012. After that, there was nothing more to know about the guy. Forget all the drugs and denials, and the zillion dollar eyes and sparkling smile, photo ops marinated in charm, and the defamations of his accusers. There was no hiding, that night, what he is.

During Game 1 of the 2012 ALCS, Rodriguez was removed for a pinch hitter.