One down. How many to go? Brewers superstar Ryan Braun was the first victim of Major League Baseball’s investigation into the Biogenesis of America clinic, as the league suspended him on Friday for the remainder of the season without pay. Now the focus has shifted to Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez. The evidence against the 14-time All-Star is ”far beyond” what the league had against Braun, according to However, the Yankees don’t expect Rodriguez to be suspended immediately, sources told the website. is also reporting that, according to sources, Rodriguez could very likely face a suspension similar to Braun’s. An MLB source told CBS Evening News’ Jim Axelrod, however, that the five-time American League home-run champion could be looking at a lifetime ban. So will the three-time American League MVP cut a deal with the league? “My understanding is he’s trying to make a deal,” a source told the website. “But I don’t think it’s going to happen (Monday).” A-Rod has admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs while with the Texas Rangers from 2001-03. The injured 37-year-old, who has denied using them since, told WFAN radio last week that he hasn’t instructed anyone to make a deal with the league “at this point” regarding a Biogenesis-related suspension. But following Braun’s decision to cooperate with MLB investigators, A-Rod could end up changing his mind and taking the same route. baseball insider Jon Heyman reported on Monday, prior to the announcement of Braun’s punishmen, that Rodriguez’s suspension is expected to be announced within the next two to three weeks.