Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals spoke with Pavel Lysenkov of SovSport recently for another wide-ranging interview, one that covered everything from his injury at the world championships to asking Vladimir Putin for cars as gifts for his teammates to dealing with another new coach in D.C. Oh, and he also addressed his problem with plus/minus. Here’s the interview; the Russian language version is here. Q. After a disappointing season the Capitals started cleaning the house, and the head coach Adam Oates and the general manager George McPhee were let go, you said ‘It’s good that I wasn’t kicked out.’ Is this even possible? Ovechkin is the symbol of the city. You were given keys to the city! OVECHKIN: “This is business. Right now we are sitting, and suddenly I will get a call: ‘Man, you have been traded to another team.’ And I just bought a house, and haven’t made it my own yet.” And what to do with the house then? Sell it? “Why? I will keep it. I like living in Washington.” One of the first things the Pittsburgh Penguins’ new coach Mike Johnston did was to fly to Moscow to visit Evgeni Malkin. Have you met with the new head coach of the Capitals Barry Trotz yet? “Yes, in Las Vegas. I know it already that I have to carry Washington forward. But it’s not like all the pressure falls on one person. We also have Backstrom, Laich, Holtby – everyone needs to be a united fist.”