Falcons center Alex Mack, a six-time Pro Bowl player, is relishing the team’s return to the outside-zone running scheme. 

The Falcons have dabbled in running outside-zone plays over the past three seasons since former offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan left for San Francisco, but during a video call with the local media Thursday, Mack confirmed the offseason plans. 

“I think it’s an emphasis of the whole offense to make sure that’s something that we want to be really good at,” Mack said. “So, in order to run the wide zone, you have to have a full commitment of all of the guys on the field to make that work. It is a really powerful offense. It’s something that we have a lot of experience with.”

Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan battled with Shanahan in his first season in 2015, but they smoothed things out by 2016, and Ryan became the first Falcons player to win the Associated Press MVP award and carried the team to Super Bowl LI with a potent attack.