Of all the people to criticize P.K. Subban's style of play, you would think that the last person on earth to do so would be Alex Kovalev. You would think that a player who was often criticized unfairly would sympathize with another player who is often subjected to the same, especially since both players are connected often by fans for bringing fans out of their seats with electrifying play. But no, Kovalev isn't a fan of P.K., apparently. Kovalev was asked about his thoughts on the captaincy, as a former captain of the Canadiens himself (said the interviewer, even though Kovalev was never really the captain, he was given the C by Carbonneau while Koivu was injured, but he was never the captain of the team and won't be listed as one in any official capacity). Kovalev started out his response rather thoughtfully, pointing out that everyone should feel the weight of the captaincy because if you look to someone else to lead all the time, nothing will work. He went on to say that Max Pacioretty has proven himself to be a leader, and is the perfect guy according to Kovalev.