Several teams -- believed to include the Red Sox Giants Rangers Reds and Dodgers -- are said to be in the running for free agent Cuban infielder Alex Guerrero. At least seven teams are said to have made bids for the power-hitting middle infielder. Agent Scott Boras was recently quoted suggesting that a deal might not be too far off. The Dodgers reported to have had a verbal agreement with a representative of Guerrero a couple of weeks ago were characterized recently as being on the "outskirts" of the recent discussions -- but considering their history of snapping up international talent they can never be counted out. Guerrero 26 is said to be able to play shortstop but some scouts suggest he's more likely to eventually wind up at second base. The Dodgers were reportedly out of the running following a deal reported by for $32 million for five years fell through after it was learned that the players union had not certified the person or people representing Guerrero who switched later to hire Boras as his agent. The Dodgers haven't commented on the earlier report but assuming it's true it's hard to imagine he would sign there for less.