Everyone knew this day was probably coming. J.D. Martinez's presence on the Red Sox is about to make things just a bit more complicated, which was why early Tuesday afternoon media members immediately went to the lockers of Mitch Moreland and Hanley Ramirez. "He's a force, obviously," Moreland said when asked about the acquisition of Martinez. "To have him kind of anchored in the middle of our lineup is only going to help us." "It’s pretty good," added Ramirez. "It’s a good bat and at least 40 homers. And we’re trying to win this [expletive]. This is how we can do it, to get him. It’s a good player." They said all the right things and certainly couldn't have been blindsided by the move. But, still, there is an understanding that some pecking order needs to be established with Martinez clearly ready to get the majority of the at-bats at designated hitter. Alex Cora would seem to be not waiting around. The discovery of Cora's initial plan was somewhat accidental. It came as a product of a question regarding who might be the Red Sox' No. 3 hitter. We knew the leadoff guy (Mookie Betts), and Andrew Benintendi was being slotted in second. But in the three-spot? That was answered just after noon on Tuesday. "As of now? Hanley Ramirez," the Red Sox manager said.