Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora hasn't yet spoken with former Houston Astros right-hander Mike Fiers since the latter blew the whistle on the club's sign-stealing scheme, but he's hoping that changes down the road.

"He did what he did," Cora said on MassLive's "The Fenway Rundown" podcast on Tuesday. "He felt like he needed to do it. You have to respect that, right? I think with time, we'll run into each other and we'll talk about it. We were "teammates" in (2017). At one point during our careers, we're going to run into each other and hopefully, we get time to talk about it. Me listening to him and him listening to me is something that hopefully happens."

In 2019, Fiers - then with the Oakland Athletics - came forward about how the Astros illegally stole signs throughout the 2017 season and postseason en route to winning the World Series.