If anybody has a question about Melky Cabrera, there’s a very good chance Alex Anthopoulos has already asked it. He’s not prepared to share all the answers but he’s clear on one thing: Before they signed Cabrera, coming off a 50-game PED suspension, the Blue Jays did exhaustive research. “The feedback we received when we started digging with former teammates, staff, employees with other clubs, if it hadn’t been so overwhelmingly strong, we wouldn’t have even gotten involved at all, no matter how talented we think he could be or how much he could help us win games,” said the Blue Jays GM Friday. “The reports were so strong in that respect, then at the same time you see what happened — that certainly is a big mark — but everyone had such good things to say about him. Then you say, he’s quiet, he’ll sit at his locker, a lot of energy, smile on his face, get along with teammates, play hard, work hard ... really, other than that incident, there wasn’t anything, at least in those two seasons, that you heard from a negative standpoint. Then add the fact you think he can play and help the team win, which is obviously the most important thing, and the fact that as an organization we’re willing to give somebody a second chance. That’s how we came to the decision.” Anthopoulos also thoroughly interviewed Cabrera, leaving nothing to his imagination, including Cabrera’s motivation to dabble in banned drugs.