The summertime pickup runs at UCLA have been legendary for decades in NBA circles, dating to when Magic Johnson was directing the Los Angeles Lakers. Every July and August, the league’s elite players gather to compete against each other, stay in shape, hone their games and test themselves against the best. Friendships and rivalries are often formed in 100-degree heat. This offseason was no different, as Paul George, Russell Westbrook, James Harden and LeBron James made their annual appearances, with videos on Twitter and Instagram offering proof. Alec Burks was also there. That’s significant for the Jazz and even more significant for Burks’ self-confidence. This was his first offseason pickup run in almost three years. He felt strong. He went to the basket and dunked. He got out in transition. He felt like himself again. Finally. “I feel so much better,” Burks told The Tribune on Wednesday. “I’ve had a great summer, and playing at UCLA was the first time that I thought to myself that I’m back and ready to play like my old self.”