With Spurs All-Star forward Kawhi Leonard out, LaMarcus Aldridge has posted All-Star numbers while putting the team on his broad shoulders. Through 20 games, the five-time All-Star power forward is averaging 22.1 points on 50 percent shooting, 8.3 rebounds, 2.4 assists and 1.3 blocks in 33.1 minutes. But what has impressed his teammates the most has been the strong effort the Texas-ex has put forth each game. “There is not anybody on our team who has gone out there and played harder than him,” small forward Kyle Anderson said after Wednesday morning’s shootaround in preparation for the 7:30 p.m. game against Memphis. “It’s hard to do,” guard Patty Mills said. “You see the stats and the numbers he’s putting up, but the effort he puts in night in and night out trumps all of that.”