A slow-developing market for free-agent shortstop Jose Reyes could receive some juice as soon as this weekend, when Mets general manager Sandy Alderson plans to reopen the lines of communication with Reyes' agents at the Winter Meetings, which start Monday in Dallas. "I certainly would hope that we'll have conversations ... by the time we get to Dallas, or at Dallas," Alderson said Thursday afternoon, noting that he has not spoken recently with Reyes or his representatives. "I do expect to have them over the next handful of days." Publicly at least, Alderson says he does not have any better sense of the market for Reyes than he did two weeks ago, when unconfirmed reports of Miami's six-year, $90 million offer first surfaced. Though the Brewers and Phillies have also displayed tepid interest in the free-agent shortstop, no reports of additional offers have leaked since mid-November.