At this point, the Mets know a lot more about when Johan Santana isn’t going to pitch than when he is. After an offseason in which he admittedly threw less than normal, Santana and the Mets have found his spring training regimen delayed indefinitely. “I think there was an expectation that when he came in, he’d be ready to pitch,” general manager Sandy Alderson said. “But I think that was his expectation, too, regardless of the winter he had.” That hasn’t been the case and that could make what figures to be a difficult season even more challenging. “I don’t think there was disappointment on our part or an acceptance on his part that’s the way it would be,” Alderson said. “But it was clear over the first few days he wasn’t ready. ... Were we surprised, disappointed, unhappy? Those are reactions I’m not ready to get into. Sure, there’s a little disappointment, but that’s true with anybody in any situation. Is there any culpability associated with that? No, not necessarily. It just happened.”