Sandy Alderson spoke with Ike Davis at David Wright's wedding in late December. And the GM indicated Davis is not unnerved about all the trade chatter. "He was in a good mood," Alderson told "I don't think any of this talk over the winter has bothered him. I think he's anxious to get to spring training and show what he can do. I was certainly pleased by that." As for the dialogue with the Milwaukee Brewers about Davis, Alderson added: "We're not going to move Ike just to move Ike -- or any other player for that matter. This is a trade market, not a yard sale, and right now we're perfectly happy to go into spring training with Davis and [Lucas] Duda both on the team. Frankly, we're not that actively engaged in trade discussions involving Ike at this point. I think that underscores our willingness to go into camp with both.