Coming soon to an Angels infield near you: Albert Pujols at third base and Kendrys Morales at first. Manager Mike Scioscia said Saturday that Pujols will move from first to third and Morales will play defense for the first time this season when the Angels play interleague games at Colorado next weekend and in Dodger Stadium next week, turning what was considered a possibility two weeks ago into a concrete plan. "Kendrys has been working out at first, and we feel much more comfortable with how he's moving, how he feels," Scioscia said. "His mobility is much better." Morales, who returned this season after sitting out 11/2 years because of a broken left ankle, has been relegated to designated hitter this season and has not played the field since May 2010. By moving him to first and Pujols to third, the Angels can keep their third and fourth hitters in the lineup in National League parks. Morales, limited to pinch-hitting duty in San Diego in May, won't play all six games against the Rockies and Dodgers but could play three or four. Pujols has a .931 career fielding percentage in 104 games at third, and he played seven games there, including four starts, for St. Louis last season. "It's not something I'll do all year, but I feel pretty comfortable doing it," Pujols said. "Whatever we can do to keep Morales in the lineup would be huge. It's about what I can do every day to help the club win." They key for Pujols, who knows he won't turn into Brooks Robinson overnight, is keeping things simple.