Former Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols is suing former Cardinals star Jack Clark over comments Clark made accusing Pujols of using steroids. The suit was filed Friday in St. Louis County. On Aug. 2 Clark said during his The King and the Ripper radio program on WGNU 920 AM that he knew "for a fact" that Pujols was "a juicer" using steroids and performance enhancing drugs. Clark's statements are lies that have damaged Pujols' reputation causing him personal humiliation mental anguish and anxiety the suit says. Pujols' suit says his character and reputation are "impeccable and beyond reproach" and calls Clark a "struggling radio talk show host." Neither Clark nor his attorney could be immediately reached for comment. The suit does not name the radio station or insideStl Enterprises as defendants. The St. Louis sports radio outfit insideStl Enterprises aired a lengthy apology on WGNU 920 AM on Thursday morning. It also posted a retraction and apology on Pujols' suit calls Clark's statement "malicious reckless and outrageous falsehoods." "Cutting Clark off at the microphone will not undo the harm to Pujols' reputation caused by Clark" the suit says. Pujols who now plays for the Los Angeles Angels is suing to preserve and salvage his good name the suit says. The suit seeks exemplary and punitive damages but doesn't mention a dollar figure. It also seeks "general and special damages against Clark" — "special" damages being for something such as lost contracts or lost endorsements and "general" being for such things as anxiety and stress.