Albert Haynesworth helped Tennessee win a national championship in 1998, and the former NFL defensive tackle has one candidate in mind who he thinks would be perfect as the next head coach of the Vols. But because of the color of that candidate’s skin, Haynesworth does not think this particular individual is being considered. Tee Martin, who was the starting quarterback for that same Tennessee championship team, is currently the offensive coordinator at USC. He was also named “Recruiter of the Year” by 247 Sports last year, and Haynesworth believes Martin is the man for the job. “The man just won recruiter of the year, but it’s not gonna happen,” Haynesworth told TMZ. “It’s not gonna happen. They haven’t interviewed any black candidates. Tee’s done great things out there at USC. He’s been through a number of coaches, so obviously people can see he’s a great asset. He’s more than likely going to be the next head coach there if things change at USC.” Haynesworth feels Martin should be a no-brainer hire for the Vols, but he does not think boosters and university officials want a black head coach leading the team.