Linebackers and defensive line prospects for the NFL draft often face questions about scheme adaptability. Can a 4-3 defensive end play a stand-up outside linebacker in a 3-4? Is a defensive tackle better suited as a nose tackle or a 3-technique? Middle linebackers are no different, as their skill sets are often suited better to one scheme than another. Two NFL Network draft analysts said last week, however, that scheme versatility is a strength for Alabama's C.J. Mosley. "I think he can play in either defense," said Daniel Jeremiah, a former NFL scout for three different teams. "C.J. Mosley is somebody I think that doesn't get talked enough about. When you watch him on tape, in scouting we talk about guys being clean players on tape. I don't have a lot of negatives when I watch him. I thought he could play in the 3-4 defense. I thought he could take on blocks better than he gets credit for, and I think he's ideally suited to be a Mike in a 4-3." Jeremiah said there's more of a premium these days for 4-3 Mike linebackers to be strong in pass coverage -- one of Mosley's strengths.