O.J. Howard is a 6-foot-6, 240-pound leviathan who plays tight end for Alabama. He’s only a sophomore, but he already looks like an NFL star and runs with a grace and explosiveness men his size shouldn’t possess. Heading into the new season, Howard wanted to become even more of a physical specimen, so he began examining the intricacies of his diet. “It’s kind of hard, but I think it’s eating right and also getting in the weight room,” Howard told Bama Online. No, the two post-dinner Snickers he eats on a typical evening probably aren’t helping his strength or agility or burst. “I can’t eat them anymore,” he said. So what did the new, more disciplined and more mature Howard replace Snickers with to improve his diet? “Ice cream, to be honest with you,” he told Bama Online. “I had to do something else.” O.J. Howard is such a physical machine, his organisms churn a mixture of dairy and sugar into diesel fuel, apparently. The rest of us just get fat.