Dwyane Wade is a sure fire NBA Hall of Famer and the greatest two-guard of this century not named Kobe. However, father time is undefeated and like it does with all athletic wing players he catches up and things end. In the case of Wade things could end very quickly. The Bulls guard is a dynamic high volume scorer and at his prime was a generational athlete on the floor, unfortunately that sort of game ends really quickly as the miles add up.

Anyone remember how quickly things ended for Allen Iverson?

Like Iverson, Wade never really figured out his outside shot and in 2016 the NBA offense is centered around spacing and shooting. Minus the Chicago Bulls, whose three starting perimeter guards struggle with all forms of perimeter shooting. I’m basing that on their career numbers, last night however, during Wade’s debut for his hometown Bulls, things went really, really well. Wade’s career average from behind the arc is just under 29% and last year he made seven all season long. In his debut he went 4-6 and was even getting in some extra reps during a dead ball, while his teammates scuffled.

When Wade was first announced as a Chicago Bull at the United Center, he dropped to his knee to say a prayer and absorb the moment:

By the end of the game Wade finished with 22 points, six rebounds, five assists, one block and a game sealing three pointer, which brought out the old school throat slash gesture:

Which Wade apologized for soon after because you can’t do that in 2016.

I bet growning up in Chicago, he ended many a pick up game with that throat slash gesture pretending to be on the floor at the United Center playing for the Bulls. For at least one night this mismatched collection of parts looked like a playoff team.

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