OK, let’s get the big issue out of the way: Amed Rosario is not one more Asdrubal Cabrera error away from his major league debut. “We think he’s going to be a very good player in the very near future,” Mets general manager Sandy Alderson said Wednesday. “We’re not in any real hurry to move him.” Alderson, as part of a planned trip, saw the Mets’ top prospect play two games this past week at Smith’s Field as the Mets Triple-A Las Vegas affiliate took on the Angels’ Salt Lake Bees. The GM’s first-hand observations meshed with what the organization already thought, as well as what most industry folks appear to think: There is little doubt Rosario could help the Mets right now if they needed him. And there also is little doubt he could benefit from more grooming at the top minor league rung. “I think so far this season is so far going pretty excellent, I would say,” Rosario, who sat with The Post for two interviews at Smith’s Field, said through an interpreter. “I think we’re really seeing the fruits of the labor that’s been put in.”