After waving off media Monday night, Jazz center Al Jefferson spoke to reporters at Wednesday's practice. But he didn't moan about sitting out the fourth quarter and overtime in the loss to Washington. Jefferson didn't groan about his coach, either. Big Al did squelch any speculation — reported or otherwise — that he has a beef with his bench boss. "(Coach) made a joke about it earlier," he said, "and I kind of got upset because I really hate it when people put words in my mouth or say that I'm upset about something." Which, he insisted, isn't the case — aside from the sniffles (and speculation). "Besides this cold I got, I got no problem. I'm not upset about nothing, especially with coach," Jefferson said. "I think coach is doing a wonderful job. I don't know. I guess that just it — people don't have nothing else to write about. They just want to make up some stuff. I don't have no problem with coach." Though Jefferson left the door open for conjecture that he was upset for not finishing the game by not talking to media Monday night, he said that wasn't his reason for the silent treatment. "I have a right to be upset. We just lost a game that we should've won," Jefferson said. "I was more upset for the simple fact that the young guys played hard and get us back into the game and push it in overtime and lose, but not one time did I say I was upset with coach or anybody else." Jefferson believes media try to ask questions to stir the pot, something he also said when asked Monday about his ejection Saturday.