For better or for worse the Utah Jazz playoff covered wagon is hitched to center Al Jefferson. Jefferson has improved his outside shooting and passing this year, while he has remained visually static in other areas he is deficient in. I feel no hesitation in stating that he's a middle of the pack first option, but would probably be the best second option on a true contender right now. He's not getting moved to a contender this season, and we're not getting a real first option this season either -- so, for better or worse he's the horse we're riding to the finish line. The Jazz have not really started games off strong this season. Despite having a Top 10 offense, the Jazz are 21st out of 30 in 1st quarter points per game. Some of the blame has to go to Al Jefferson here if he's our first option and we routinely fall flat on our faces in the first. That said, the Jazz are 5th out of 30 in 3rd quarter points per game. The guys who play in the 1st quarter are the same guys who play in the 3rd quarter. And a lot of the adulation for our superb third quarter scoring has to go to Al Jefferson here. Why is there such a disparity? Is Tyrone Corbin that awesome of a motivator? Do our starters recognize that they have to 'bring it' after getting whooped early? Is it something else? I don't know.