AJ McCarron won his grievance against the Bengals and now Hue Jackson will try to give him a chance to win on the football field. Jackson didn't get his man the first time around because of the botched trade attempt, but now he's got another chance. McCarron, the Bengals' backup quarterback, won his complaint against the Bengals over accrued seasons, and an independent arbitrator determined that he'll be a free agent on March 14. If he had lost, he would've been restricted and teams would've owed the Bengals draft pick compensation -- likely a second-round pick -- if Cincinnati didn't match the offer. Teams can begin negotiating with free agents on March 12, and sign deals on March 14, the first day of the league year. Jackson tried to trade for his former Bengals quarterback before the deadline on Oct. 31, but ex-Browns head of football operations Sashi Brown miscommunicated with the Bengals and failed to notify the NFL of the terms of the deal before the 4 p.m. deadline.