Former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron said he supports the Northwestern football players’ movement to form a union. “I think it’s a good thing for college football for someone to step up and to try get more for the players,” he told For The Win. “I think eventually they need to do something like Coach Saban said (that athletes should get additional financial support beyond scholarships)… there’s so much money being made by the NCAA, by all these athletes …” The effort, organized by former Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter and the newly formed College Athletics Players Association, was announced on Tuesday. The movement initially targets getting better medical protection for college athletes, though it leaves the door open for payments farther down the line. “It’s almost a somewhat bad deal the players aren’t getting some of (the money) especially when the jerseys are getting sold, they’re getting used for video games,” added McCarron. “Personally I think it’s good for college athletes — hopefully down the line they’ll start getting paid somewhere.” McCarron began his foray into the world of paid endorsements this week with a hair makeover courtesy of AXE Hair. Celebrity stylist Amy Komorowski gave him a new haircut in front of about a dozen reporters on Wednesday in New York City. He went from what he called a “classic look” to a slightly “messy” one that he is sure his girlfriend, Katherine Webb, will love. “She usually just kind of lets me do whatever,” he said. “She knows me better than anybody and knows that when I wake up in the morning, I just wet my head and kind of push it to the side and go about my day but she’s definitely going to love my new look.” Since his last game for the Crimson Tide, McCarron has been working to get ready for the NFL combine and the big transition from college to the NFL. He was surprised at the reaction to his decision to skip the Senior Bowl. It was a decision his agent recommended, he said, after speaking with his doctors.