On Wednesday, the New York Giants made the somewhat surprising announcement that they were releasing their longtime running back, Ahmad Bradshaw. The six-year veteran was a salary cap casualty and became expendable with the emergence of Andre Brown late in the 2012 season. Meanwhile, a few states west of the home of the Meadowlands, the Cincinnati Bengals are in dire need of assistance at the running back position. Seems like it could be a good fit, right? As ESPN College Gameday announcer Lee Corso likes to say: "not so fast, my friend!". Bradshaw does fit the type of runner that the Bengals could covet in the AFC North division. He has decent speed and elusiveness, and always seems to finish his runs with authority--all things that play well against the bruisers that are the Bengals' rivals. With a 4.6 yards per carry average and 132 receptions in his six year career, there's a lot to like about Bradshaw and him fitting in with the orange and black. What Bradshaw also has is a recent slew of injuries. Another reason for Bradshaw's release could be that it was recently discovered that he needs a screw replaced in his foot--a procedure that could take up to ten weeks to heal. Now, that's enough time to potentially return for minicamps and Training Camp, but multiple foot procedures on a six-year veteran running back is troubling. One could argue that Bradshaw became the main running back in the Giants' offense back in 2009. In those last four seasons, Bradshaw has only played all 16 games in one season (2010, which was by far his most productive year as a pro) and has missed seven total games in that span.