As an agent representing Mark Giordano and Andrew Mangiapane, Ritch Winter said he could well see a scenario in which the former would be returned to the Flames and would urge the latter not to sign a long-term deal with Calgary this summer.

Winter’s candid remarks came in a long-range interview on the Eric Francis Show Monday when he gave plenty of insight into two hot topics affecting the future of popular players.

“I definitely think there is a possibility,” Winter told Sportsnet Fan 960 when asked if the Flames could retake Giordano – the 38-year-old Seattle Kraken captain – at close of trade.

“The trainer loves him. Player loves the coach. The player has a home in the city. The team seem to be playing a lot better … and I think there might be an argument that a guy like Gio with a little more offensive could really add to the mix.

“But that?'s not something we control.”

Obviously not, because that would be the business of Seattle’s GM Ron Francis, who challenged Giordano to the flames in the draft expansion and made him captain.

When asked if Francis had hinted that he would consider trading the outstanding UFA this year, as many expect, Winter said only that they “talked about it throughout the season” and that he didn’t expect it so it will be front burner problem for another month.

“I don’t see anyone taking a serious move until just before the close of trading because most interested teams don’t have the leeway to get it ahead of schedule,” said Winter of Giordano, who has hit the $ 6.75 million cap.

“Calgary has to be an option. I know from Gio’s perspective that his entire adult life has apparently been spent in the city of Calgary, where he has most of his friends, many of them teammates. I think he would be happy about it.

“(Flames GM) Brad (Treliving) and I talked a lot about (Giordano) over the summer. He definitely didn’t want to lose him and I think his feelings won’t have changed. “

Winter later confirmed that Giordano has a no-trade list for 10 teams and you can bet the Flames aren’t into it.

“I would think there is a possibility (of returning to Calgary) because if you look at the landscape there aren’t a lot of teams that need a seasoned player like Gio, have the Cap Room and see Mark taking over as could have a feather in their hats as they move forward to fight for a Stanley Cup or advance in the playoffs than they have before, “said Winter.