Patrick Morris is a longtime NHL agent, which means he knows about numbers and contracts and percentages of how things might fall for a certain player when it comes to unrestricted free agency. He also represents James Neal of the Golden Knights. In October, when most believed Vegas was headed toward a typical losing expansion season, Morris put it at 25 percent Neal would still be with the club at the Feb. 26 trade deadline. That, as most surmised when Neal was selected in the expansion draft from Nashville, a contender would deal for the veteran about to enter UFA status as a playoff rental. “But then,” Morris said, “the season began.” But then, history happened. It is a popular debate as the Knights arrive at the All-Star break atop the Western Conference, what might be done in terms of Neal either potentially signing a long-term deal or moved if another franchise offers the sort of enticing haul of draft picks and (possibly) a return player for him.