Although the Dodgers didn’t end up with Giancarlo Stanton, they might have indirectly helped prevent Stanton from winding up in their division. The San Francisco Giants had worked out a deal with the Miami Marlins for the slugger, but he exercised his no-trade clause and refused to go to the Giants. In part, it was the Southern California kid in Stanton. After the New York Yankees officially announced that they had acquired Stanton on Monday at the winter meetings, Stanton’s agent said the Dodgers-Giants rivalry played a part in vetoing the Giants. “I will say that Giancarlo and I both grew up as Dodgers fans as kids,” agent Joel Wolfe said. “And I see this with the other L.A. kids that we represent; it’s a little bit harder to get your head around being a Giant. “And I can say I also represent (Giants shortstop) Brandon Crawford, who grew up as a season ticket holder Giant fan. He would have a hard time going to the Dodgers. That still exists in baseball. It’s not all X’s and O’s and dollars. Thee guys are still just kids, and huge baseball fans.” Stanton, standing in front of dozens of reporters in his new Yankees hat, added that the Giants’ position at the bottom of the standings and rivalry with the Dodgers affected his decision. “I wouldn’t base the decision on (the rivarly), but I wouldn’t want to go to the team that (the Dodgers) dislike the most,” he said. “I wasn’t sure if they were going to beat that team either. But at the same time, if they were in the right position I wanted, I would have done it.” There was no secret that the Dodgers were Stanton’s most preferred destination from the start, even before a trade seemed realistic, Wolfe said.