It was a typical farewell party for someone who should not be leaving, but has to be going. Sam Darnold's likely last game as a USC quarterback Friday night was awkwardly painful, consistently sloppy and not a bit sentimental. With every mistake, Darnold showed everyone why, for football reasons, he needs to play another season at USC. But every hard hit offered a loud reminder why, for financial reasons, he probably won't play another minute. Darnold was given every chance to pull the Trojans out of the muck that became Ohio State's 24-7 victory in the Cotton Bowl at AT&T Stadium. But by the time his final pass sailed nowhere, and to nobody, Darnold has become that muck. In every big moment, he came up short, or long. In every big play, the ball slipped or soared. He threw an interception that was returned for a Buckeyes touchdown. He lost a fumble that led to a Buckeyes touchdown. He lost another fumble that ended any comeback attempt. The likely last game of his two-year collegiate career was arguably the worst game of his collegiate career, as he had three turnovers and no touchdown passes, while blowing a great defensive effort that held the mighty Buckeyes offense to 277 total yards. The kid clearly isn't ready. But the kid is also clearly not dumb.