The 49ers fans will be screaming about this one for a long time. Coach Jim Harbaugh still might be screaming. And it's understandable. The final offensive play of the game for the 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII Sunday night is one that has been analyzed a zillion times over already. Was it pass interference on Baltimore's Jimmy Smith? Might it have been pass interference on Michael Crabtree of the 49ers? Or was it a good no-call? After watching it at least 50 times myself, I still can't tell for sure. But even though I'm biased towards the Ravens, it sure looks more like the no-call was the better call in this situation, as tough as that is to say. Smith sure jammed the receiver and got his hands in there. No question about it, and that's what the 49ers were so upset about. However, look at the tape. Crabtree certainly pushed off on Smith's head. Plus, the ball was at least three yards past Crabtree and went out of bounds. Could this called an uncatchable ball? That also affects things in this situation. Officials sometimes take too big of a hand in games in all sports. They try to control things too much. And sometimes, they do the right thing by not calling anything-- especially in big situations. NHL playoff games are almost always like that. You will almost never see penalties called when games go to overtime. They want to players to play out the game and decide it, not an official's whistle. And that's a very good things. That's kind of why I thought the no-call was the right call. Still, it really was very, very close, no question about it.