Phillippe Aumont returned to Phillies camp Tuesday, ready to resume his quest to win a spot in the opening day bullpen. Aumont had been with Team Canada for the World Baseball Classic. The failed hockey players, as Aumont playfully called his team, were eliminated from the tournament on Sunday, but Aumont left with a bagful of memories. He said Sunday’s contest against the U.S. was the “best game I’ve ever been part of.” And then, of course, there was Saturday’s angry, bench-clearing brawl against Team Mexico. “It was pretty intense,” Aumont said. “It was the first time I’ve ever been in an actual brawl where people were going to town on it.” Aumont, a 6-foot-7 reliever, was a late arriver to the ninth-inning dustup as he had to run in from the bullpen. “When I got there everything kind of separated,” he said. “I looked out and tried not to get sucker-punched or anything.” Aumont was one of several Phillies involved in the fray.